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Frequently Asked Question

To advertise you can upload advert image, we accept well customized images that shows the details about your products, services or website activities and you can also use your own personal images for any advert but most be explain in details and show some kind of what you offer publics.

We allow users to customized images using their Name, Company name, Web address, Brand logo, Products image, Website or blog links, WhatsApp link, Facebook page link, Twitter profile link, Instagram page link, Linkedin profile or community etc.

Login to your account or create account if you are not yet a member, Go to menu click on the Adverts on the menu, when the page display, you will see some set of advert images on the page which you can earn on, click on any of the advert image you view, it will open on another tab for you to view, note there is a countdown on the page you need to wait until the countdown is done before you can proceed with robot detector and submit when done.

Due to the large numbers of advert submitting daily it may take us hours or days to reach your advert.

Sometimes we see many reasons not to approve some advert submitted due to the rules and regulations that guide the adverts. Some common reasons why some adverts are not approved

  1. Advert is not allocation or find with correct URL or WhatsApp Number.
  2. Customized image that does not show the product, service or site name and details, such advert will not be approve
  3. The advert that does not have a valid title or well describe we not be approve
  4. The admin has the right to reject or disapprove any advert not complied without explaining the reasons.

Simplerefers website is not a blog or article publisher’s website, we share questions, topics, posts and adverts on our forum fun page for the members benefit and we expected mature responses from all our users and members.

On this site all the activities on the forum page and other pages are for members to make funs and earn money as well.

The forum on our website it used to make funs, find simple solution to some little problems peoples are facing in the society which may come inform of surveys or direct questions, posts, adverts and also for us as members or users to suggest the possible solutions or answer and learn.

Note positive suggestions are required on any of the survey questions or post shared on forum page and good responses are needed on all our advertisements both on forum post and other adverts areas.

SAMSUNNYNEWDAY MULTISERVICES is a registered company operating in Nigeria, rendering multiservices both offline and online. We offer many forms of operations, one of them is SimpleRefers.Com.

SimpleRefers.Com is a new innovation networking services created by SAMSUNNYNEWDAY MULTISERVICES company, the company is also involves in day to day running and manage activities to make sure the service perform excellently on the rewarding activities without disappointing the users.

Since is owned and manage by SAMSUNNYNEWDAY MULTISERVICES, we decide to merge all our account activities together for easy manage and fraud detection in order to serve all our customers and users better.

Note all money paid in or paid out will carry the company name SAMSUNNYNEWDAY MULTISERVICES due to the account merged. For example all receipt will indicate the money is going to or coming from SAMSUNNYNEWDAY MULTISERVICES

For you to be part of this Great Opportunity, You have to become one of our premium members by upgrading your account with ₦1,000 At the upgrade page or Click Here

For Enquiries Mail Our Customer Service at :